CPRE’s Stop the Drop campaign tackles the litter and fly-tipping problem that is despoiling our beautiful countryside. It’s headed by CPRE president and author Bill Bryson, a passionate anti-litter campaigner and champion of the countryside.

At a local level, supporters of the campaign can get involved by organising their own litter pick or joining a local litter volunteer group through litteraction.org.uk. Supporters can pledge to Stop the Drop, joining CPRE in lobbying local authorities, government and other bodies legally responsible for keeping land litter-free. Through these various campaigning actions CPRE aim to demonstrate to Government and other authorities the strength of support behind Stop the Drop.

Read more about the campaign here, including notes from CPRE President Bill Bryson

litteraction.org.uk is run by CleanupUK. It’s designed to be a place that promotes and supports local community action. If you would like to get in touch with CleanupUK then please follow this link to our contacts page.


Why was this site set up?

It is a resource to help individuals and local groups organise cleanup drives and awareness-raising educational activities in their local area. The site’s all about inspiring you to work together with others in your local community to clean it up, making the area where you live a better place to be. As well as being a free-standing resource, the site can be used by supporters to take local practical action.


What does it do?

This site supports local people who want to take local action on litter.

It’s a place where individuals and local groups can join litter picking communities in their area.


It’s a resource for people to discuss aspects of litter collection and prevention and join local groups who share their interest.

It gives up-to-date information on major litter initiatives

The site shows Government and local authorities that people really do care about litter.


What are the benefits to you?

By joining a local litter group, starting a new one or picking up litter on your own, you will not only improve the local environment, it‘ll benefit you too. Here’s how:

  • By joining a local group, you’ll be meeting like-minded people and getting to know your neighbours.
  • Working together with others in your community you’ll harness local support for cleaning up litter.
  • You’ll be taking action on an issue that you care about.
  • You’ll live in a nicer, cleaner and better looking environment after taking part in a few local litter picks.
  • Taking part in local litter picks, you’ll be getting out there in the fresh air.
  • By taking part in education drives, with the local school for example, you’ll get to meet people from a cross-section of your neighbourhood.

Who are CleanupUK?

CleanupUK is a charity specialising in tackling the litter problem by supporting the activities of volunteer litter-collecting groups around the UK and helping new groups to form.

The charity was founded by George Monck in 2007. George is passionate about solving the litter problem and has picked up litter in many places around the UK. He’s travelled as far horizontally as the Shetland Isles and as far vertically as the top of Ben Nevis to do so.

CleanupUK is delighted to be partnering CPRE in the litteraction.org.uk website so that, as well as benefiting from a wealth of advice and information, volunteers have access to a powerful campaigning and lobbying force.

For more information, please visit the CleanupUK website at www.cleanupuk.org.uk


Why is CleanupUK involved?

CleanupUK is an environmental charity with the aim of tackling litter and fly-tipping and so helping to make communities stronger.

We are passionate about solving the litter and fly-tipping problems currently blighting Britain’s countryside, cities, towns and villages.

CleanupUK is a charity specialising in supporting volunteer litter-collecting individuals and groups around the UK and helping new groups to form.


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